Joan Mae Soco

Tambara (2012) -- Producer, Screenplay Writer
Hospital Boat (2009) -- Actor
Hunghong sa yuta (2008) -- Actor
The Thank You Girls (2008) -- Actor


Former Mutya ng Dabaw and newspaper columnist Joan Mae Soco is also an actress, model, producer, and events coordintor married to independent filmmaker Orvil Bantayan.

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Short description: Former Mutya ng Dabaw and newspaper columnist Joan Mae Soco is also an actress, model, producer, and events coordintor married to independent filmmaker Orvil...
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11th MFF final block sked
11th Mindanao Film Festival Screening Schedule
This year's ticket price is set at 135.00 per block. Proceeds of the ticket sales go to the...

Salamindanaw 2015
Salamindanaw 2015 Screens in GenSan and Cotabato
The 3rd SalaMindanaw International Film Festival opened last November 18 and will run until December 2, 2015 in Cotabato and...

Davao Ngilngig Films for Halloween 2015
A total of 19 horror films from Manila, Cebu, Cagayan de Oro, Iligan, Samar, and Davao City will be screened...

Horror Showcase at Davao Ngilngig Films 2015
Now on its 2nd year, Davao Ngilngig Films 2015 will be screening on OCT 30 - NOV 2 at the...

NABIFILMEX invitation
NABIFILMEX 3 to screen 24 films from Luz-Vi-Min
NABIFILMEX 3 is happening on September 16 to 19, 2015 at the Municipal Plaza,...

Pakot Team
MFF Onse Concludes with Encore Screening of Winners
Tuesday December 15, 2015
Check out the video montage of all the featured short films in the 11th Mindanao Film...

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PAKOT tops winners of the 11th Mindanao Film Festival
Monday December 14, 2015
Catch these award-winning films again during the encore screening on December 15, 5:30 pm at Gaisano Mall Cinema...

Guerrilla Workshop Films are big contenders in 11th MFF!
Tuesday December 8, 2015
This year's workshop films have big chances to win the grand prize. The stories are well-written and the technical quality...

Short film about Duterte’s “pare” screened in Paris film fest
Thursday December 3, 2015
A short documentary film about Mayor Rodrigo Duterte’s “pare” (friend) was screened in Paris,...

Pagsalig_Kei Halili
Mindanao Film Festival presents films from the provinces
Monday November 30, 2015
Short films from Davao City, Davao del Norte, and Comval will take the spotlight during the 11th Mindanao Film...